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City acknowledges existence of another illegal colony in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipality officials report they have registered a new illegal colony in Playa del Carmen that they say, increases the risk of ground contamination and insecurity.

Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez confirmed the existence of the new colony in the southwest, which the city says, is located on land behind the Calizas Industriales del Carmen (CALICA) bordering with boundaries of Ejido Playa del Carmen.

“Here again, we have to call the federal agencies because residents of the illegal community continue to invade the space around the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). It is an old problem of the municipality again,” said the mayor.

The illegal colony has set themselves up in an area in the outskirts of the city where municipal officials lack jurisdiction. Torres Gómez noted that years ago, the municipality had the same problem with illegal colonies, and although the issue was reported to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), they did not acted accordingly despite CFE, at the time, filing an official complaint.

As Torres Gómez points out, a greater number of people live there noting “These microinvasions happen at dawn, and by morning, they are settled,” adding that there is an organization behind these invasions making it difficult to deal with.

The mayor said they will not tolerate the illegal colonies and have already made calls to the landowners to take care of the problem. She says the invaders cause irreversible damage in the way of environmental devastation in the way they build and function in their makeshift homes.

She says that from the last census, they detect about 800 people live in these illegal colonies on the outskirts of the city. The colony of In-House in the southwest of Playa is one that is considered illegal.

In May, a confrontation between police and residents of the illegal settlement left one dead and two injured. In July, five people were arrested at In-House after neighbors reported seeing men driving a Jeep firing shots into the air.

In Cancun, where the largest concentration of illegal colonies are found, some officials have said that many of their security issues derive from those illegal settlements.