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Child labor cases increase over Easter holiday season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A high level of child labor was detected during the Easter holiday season as minors were seen working in tourist areas of Playa del Carmen.

Director of Fiscalización and Cobranza, Leslie Pérez Ceballos, stated that they have detected an average of eight cases per day of children performing adult duties. She elaborated saying, “We have made the invitation to DIF because we have found many children, especially on Fifth Avenue, many children are going out to sell. I know that the economic situation is very hard, but we should not use children to have an income.”

She added that, “DIF has also made its tours at night to identify those children who are being exploited in some way. It is the same situation on the beach, the same that is on Fifth Avenue, in that also in the beach area we have found not only children, but also mothers who have two or three little ones there next to them singing, playing,” she said.

This Easter holiday season, Pérez Ceballos says, was an increase of child labor over last year.


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