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Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium in final stages of completion

Cozumel, Q.R. – The highly anticipated Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium is in the final stages of completion, making it the first of its kind in Latin America.

Director general of Quintana Roo Council of Science and Technology (Coqcyt), Alcérreca Victor Sanchez, said that with a 750 million peso investment the Planetarium has the latest equipment and facilities.

The screening room is equipped with a 3D system offering extraordinary quality. This impressive level of performance was achieved by bringing together the integration of hardware, software and six projectors that were designed specifically for three-dimensional images on the 360 x 180 degree screen of perforated aluminum that spans 12 meters in diameter.

The Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium was built and equipped as a recreational space for Cozumeleños and as an attraction for visitors. It will be used to promote coexistence, exchange ideas and develop multiple activities to the delight of visitors in an environment that stimulates scientific knowledge and innovation, as well as the preservation of the legacy of the Mayan culture and biodiversity of the state.

Sanchez stressed that the design concept of the Planetarium Cozumel Ka’an Ch’an is in reference to the swallow, the symbol of the island. The design also took into consideration the local weather, so the building was created with curves that offer little resistance to hurricane winds common in the region.

The exhibition is also outfitted with an astronomical observatory, educational workshops, museum space on the Mayan cosmogony, preservation of natural resources and the diversity of the environmental heritage of Quintana Roo and an interactive space on water resources. It also has an educational program to disseminate science and technology.

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