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CFE to replace 64,000 electric meters

Playa del Carmen, Q.R.—In an attempt to curb theft, the state owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), will be replacing the existing old-style meters with modern digital options.

The company says it loses approximately 180 million peso per year due to stolen electricity. To help eliminate the problem, old meters will be replaced with telemeter equipment. CFE head, Emilo Baquerio Meza, says they will be replacing the meters over the next three months starting mid-March.

He explains that each new meter costs the company around 4,000 peso and that between Cozumel, Solidaridad and Tulum, they have 64,000 meters to replace. He adds that the new meters will prove more efficient by providing a direct digital reading and eliminating manual readings that often result in errors. The new meters automatically send data from the device to a central CFE database for billing. The technology saves the company the expense of manual readings while offering a more reliable and accurate bill for consumers.

Electric telemeter bills are based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption allowing both CFE and consumers better control of electric consumption. The new infrastructure is also expected to help manage overloads and blackouts due to illegal electric theft.

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