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CFE stands by meter readings, says they are accurate

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — With hundreds of complaints about an increase in CFE charges since the meters were changed in the spring, the Federal Electricity Commission says that the new current readings are accurate.

Gabriel Ermilo Baqueiro Meza, superintendent of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the Riviera Maya, said that there is not a higher collection of billing with the changeover of the meters.

He says that “CFE are not overcharging on the billing. Consumption is what the meters record. It is necessary to take into account the period that the reading is taken, because in many cases that analyzed consumption coincides with last year and relates it to the change of the meter. But we would have to see the history in each particular case since we can not generalize that all cases are right or wrong.”

Since the change of old meters to the new digital smart meter, a hike in billing has resulted for many CFE consumers who say that they are using the same amount of electricity as before the meter exchange.

Although Baqueiro Meza did not have figures as to how many complaints and clarifications are made daily or on a weekly basis, he did say that they take orders to verify the consumption, “But in most cases we have detected that the consumption is correlative, similar to last year, and in some homes it was a little more. But you have to consider the temperatures that we have today.”