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CFE says not many complaints, customers satisfied, tariff stays

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — In a recent press conference, CFE head for Riviera Maya says there are not that many Profeco complaints, and those who do complain are resolved in favor of the consumer.

Luis Egypt Quijas Padilla, superintendent of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for Riviera Maya, says that so far this year, “Only 21 complaints have been filed with Profeco out of 123,000 CFE customers that we have, and all are satisfactory in favor of the consumer.”

In a press conference, Quijas Padila says, “Over the last several months, there were 81 service requests from clients in Tulum, all of which were attended and reviewed. We found cases where it was necessary to modify the consumption for different situations, such as rates that did not correspond to them.

“In these instances, based on inspection, the change of meter was not recorded in a timely or correct manner. It is difficult to attend to all citizens, but we do review each case.”

He explained that out of the 81 complaints in Tulum, 46 were resolved satisfactorily for the user. The others will be dealt with in four group complaints involving Profeco.

In regard to Playa del Carmen, Quijas Padila said they have received only 86 consumption complaints, of which they have already reviewed 75 percent. Based on what is found, modifications will be made, he said.

Yet, when it comes to daily CFE complaints that do not involve Profeco, he admits they deal with about 150 service complaints per day in Riviera Maya of which 30 percent are for consumption charges.

He maintained his position that the client “comes out favored because everything is clarified. The analysis will be made on an individual and punctual basis.”

Of the 123,000 CFE customers in Riviera Maya, 109,000 fall within the 1B domestic tariff rating, with approximately 5,800 considered high consumers and the balance being businesses.

When questioned about the tariff rates for Solidaridad, Quijas Padila said during the press conference that in April, Conagua send notices for changes in the tariff classification for the municipalities of Cozumel, Benito Juárez and Othón P. Blanco, but not for Solidaridad.

He says Solidaridad maintains its classification of 1B consumption by the Federal Electricity Commission because in the temperature measurements carried out by the National Water Commission, they (CFE) have not been notified of any variation.

On Friday, more than 50 people gathered outside CFE in Playa del Carmen to create a community front to fight the high consumption rates. They said that they were there because of pressure by CFE to pay the high bills or have their service cut.

Protesters were collecting cases to present to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) to obtain an Amparo that would protect them against the CFE service cut.

On Thursday, municipal president Cristina Torres said that temperature measurements made by Civil Protection indicate that Solidaridad classification should be modified, although the only evidence accepted is that of Conagua, which is why she has already requested that they install permanent meters in the municipality to provide an actual reading.