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CFE email request for payment a scam

Cancun, Q.R. – The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is warning people about an email scam claiming false charges for its customers.

An email with the subject line “Deuda significativa en su contra” (significant debt against) has seen several people fall prey to the scam.

Jorge Garcia Castillo, superintendent of the Commission, said that five CFE customers reported the email, which is trying to collect money from people for an overdue electricity bill.  Those who reported the incident said the email came from the account

The incident was reported to CFE headquarters where they found the attempt to collect money for electricity bills by email to be fraudulent. CFE also noted that the fraudulent email scammers do not provide proof of payment.

The superintendent added that these are not the first allegations of fraudulent emails to go around. For the past two months, they have received more than 20 complaints for varying payment discrepancies, however, there were no formal complaints filed because none of those targeted actually made payments.

Garcia Castillo reminds people that the only way to pay overdue electricity bills is either at the windows or the electronic machines at the CFE center.

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