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Cenote signs for main highway part of improvement program

Cancun, Q.R. – A new route of cenotes from Cancun to Puerto Morelos is set to be in place before the end of the year.

The idea is to provide signage for visitors so they know what each cenote is and what attractions it offers. Since each cenote is different, some offer swimming while others have different services such as zip lines or ATV tours.

The project, called Route of the Cenotes, is a work in progress between the Program for Sustainable Tourism Development, the Directorate of Planning Institute of Urban Development and the Municipality of Benito Juarez. The project also involves the mayor of Puerto Morelos, Leonel Medina Mendoza.

“In a month we hope to have the information in regard to the economic status of the project as well as the starting date for the project,” said Medina Mendoza.

Cenotes are one of the main attractions for Puerto Morelos. Each week, the area receives an estimated 3,000 visitors between the 14 public cenotes.

Medina Mendoza explained that they “Urge the creation of the road signs as we have noticed that when some people drive down the road to go to the cenote, they pass the entrance and end up turning around on the road. Others never do find the entrance to the roads that lead to the centoe, so the signage will be installed on the flat terrain to avoid people missing the roads.”

Medina Mendoza says that the proposal for the program has already been submitted to the Federal Secretariat of Tourism for review and approval. However, to improve the face of Puerto Morelos, there must be available resources and the Office for Tourism is already knocking on doors.

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