New tourist complex proposed for Akumal Mexico Tulum 

New tourist complex proposed for Akumal

Akumal, Q.R. — A new development project for the town of Akumal has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. The tourist project, Construction and Operation of the Nikte-Ha Tourist Complex in the Coastal Zone of Akumal, would be in collaboration with the Ecological Center of Akumal to avoid interfering with sea turtle nesting. Project promoter NEGTUR, presented the Environmental Impact Statement before the General Directorate of Risk and Environmental Impact, which reports to Semarnat. The tourist complex would be a total area of 909 square meters with 169 square meters being building, and the…

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Tourists crossing highway under pedestrian bridge struck Mexico Tulum 

Tourists crossing highway under pedestrian bridge struck

Tulum, Q.R. — Two tourists were hit by a taxi Tuesday as they attempted to cross the federal highway near the town of Akumal. The two visitors, who were reportedly staying at a hotel in Akumal, were crossing the federal highway under the Akumal pedestrian bridge when they were stuck. The accident was reported at 10:40 a.m. when police from the Municipal Delegation of Akumal received the emergency call. When they arrived, they found two elderly people laying along the highway. The man, identified only as a 70-year-old German tourist, was…

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Mexico Tulum 

More than a million peso being invested into Punta Allen road

Tulum, Q.R. — With the advance payment of 300,000 peso, the municipal government of Tulum will start repairing the Punta Allen road, said Romi Dzul Caamal, municipal president of Tulum. He says that machinery and filling material will be placed in the most affected areas along the road to Punta Allen adding that with the support of governor Carlos Joaquín González, the road will be repaired. While most of the money will come from municipal government, he explained that since there are several businesses involved, these businessmen are also contributing a large part, as will the inhabitants…

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Tulum rests uneasy as recently returned hotels confiscated yet again Mexico Tulum 

Tulum rests uneasy as recently returned hotels confiscated yet again

Tulum, Q.R. — UPDATED: By order of a judicial warrant, three Tulum hotels that were recently returned to their prospective rightful owners are yet again, being confiscated. Three Punta Piedra hotels, which were returned to their original owners only a few weeks ago, are set for eviction this week. Security personnel are expected to arrive at all three properties Thursday, Nobember 9 to evict those on the premises and hand over the properties to Real Estate Group Nuevo Rey SA de CV, a company managed by Juan Carlos Palacios Gómez. The…

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Three more properties returned to Tulum land oweners Mexico Tulum 

Three more properties returned to Tulum land owners

Tulum, Q.R. — Three years after being forceably evicted from their property, three more Tulum owners have had their rightful property returned to them. After a questionable labor judgment in 2014, three of the Tulum property owners that were forceably evicted from their land have seen that land returned. The return for all three owners occurred Monday with state police on hand as owners of the Cabañas Ixchel, Playa Azul and Puerta del Cielo hotels in the region of Punta Piedra (Tulum) were given their property. It was in May…

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Official marine protection program created for Akumal Bay Mexico Tulum 

Official marine protection program created for Akumal Bay

Akumal Bay, Q.R. — Government agencies of Quintana Roo have created an official marine protection program for the Bay of Akumal that will enforce rules and protect the area’s natural resources. The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) presented the new program, El Área de Refugio Bahía de Akumal (Refuge Area for the Protection of Marine Species in the Bay of Akumal), which will cover the coastal strip, Akumal Bay and X’Cacel-X’Cacelito. The new program, which was officially published in the Journal of the Federation October 6, will include the protection of…

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New international board created to better represent reef system Mexico Tulum 

New international board created to better represent reef system

Akumal, Q.R. — An international board of members has been created that will better represent the interests of the Mesoamerican reef system. The board has been put together to better establish communication between sectors of both government and non-government environmental organizations involved with the reef. This includes academics, entrepreneurs, individuals and foundations who will all contribute to the conservation of the coral reef system. The Sistema Arrecife Mesoamericano (SAM) board includes representatives from México, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, the countries directly associated with the Mesoamerican reef system. The creation of the board was…

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Tulum beach cleanup begins this weekend Mexico Tulum 

Tulum beach cleanup begins this weekend

Tulum, Q.R. — Beach clean ups are getting underway along Tulum shores as thousand of kilos of garbage are removed by volunteers. Each year, more than 36 tons of garbage is removed from the coast of Quintana Roo with the most common items being plastic bottles and caps and cigarette butts, says Araceli Ramirez. The coordinator of Ocean Conservancy, says that again this year, they are part of the International Beach Cleaning, which will take place between September 23 and October 15 in the state and will include regions from…

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