Proposal to make central Playa del Carmen pedestrian only Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Proposal to make central Playa del Carmen pedestrian only

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — In an attempt to create better downtown mobility, a new proposal could see the city’s center as a pedestrian-only area. Álvaro Solís Hage, president of the Commerce Association of Juárez Avenue, has proposed to make the center of Playa del Carmen pedestrian-only as part of a new mobility plan. He says that the center of the city is already very small, which is a good reason council should look at making streets like Juarez Avenue for just pedestrians. He’s also proposed the creation of public parking lots so that visitors can leave their vehicle in a safe place as…

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Jailed offenders help rehabilitate municipality though program Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Jailed offenders help rehabilitate municipality through program

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The government of Solidaridad is using arrested public offenders to help clean up the municipality through the Community Civic Justice program. Director of Civic Justice in Solidarity Milagros Álvarez Vidal, says that during the month of July, 160 people were arrested. Many of them have volunteered to clean and provide maintenance in and around the municipality. He says that 20 different areas of Playa del Carmen have benefited from their work adding that colonies and fractions of Playa del Carmen such as Bosque Real, Bellavista, Centro,…

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Municipality garbage separation program needs reconsidering Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Municipality garbage separation program needs reconsidering

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Uncertainty and misinformation are words being used as the  municipality’s garbage separation program continues to come under fire as some say the program needs to be reconsidered. President of the Association of Owners Investors and Providers of Tourism Services in the Riviera Maya, Lenin Amaro Betancourt says, “There is a great improvisation in the beginning of the separation of garbage program, because recycling is a whole culture. To carry it out, we must start with specific programs in schools, in homes and in the divisions where it can…

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Thieves stealing purses from chair backs on Fifth Avenue Mexico Playa del Carmen 

Thieves stealing purses from chair backs on Fifth Avenue

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Bags stored on the back of chairs inside restaurants along Fifth Avenue are being taken, says the director of Public Safety. Several handbags have been removed from the chairs of restaurant patrons in the tourist area of Playa del Carmen. Would-be purse snatchers have been seen on surveillance cameras walking past easily accessible bags stored on the back of chairs and and leaving restaurants with them. Juan Martín Rodríguez Olvera, general director of Public Safety and Transit of Solidarity reports that so far, four robberies have…

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CFE stands by meter readings, says they are accurate Mexico Playa del Carmen 

CFE stands by meter readings, says they are accurate

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — With hundreds of complaints about an increase in CFE charges since the meters were changed in the spring, the Federal Electricity Commission says that the new current readings are accurate. Gabriel Ermilo Baqueiro Meza, superintendent of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the Riviera Maya, said that there is not a higher collection of billing with the changeover of the meters. He says that “CFE are not overcharging on the billing. Consumption is what the meters record. It is necessary to take into account the period that the reading is…

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City at home recycling program begins Mexico Playa del Carmen 

At home recycling program begins for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen has officially began its waste separation program, It’s In Your Hands, which will allow people to begin recycling at home. Municipal Solidarity President, Cristina Torres Gómez, started the waste separation program with objectives to reduce the amount of garbage that reaches local landfills while promoting the culture of waste separation. “We know it will not be easy but we will not give up on this task. We are sure that with the active participation of the inhabitants we will be able to make Solidaridad a cleaner…

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More than 1,500 Playa del Carmen pets sterilized during free campaign Mexico Playa del Carmen 

More than 1,500 Playa del Carmen pets sterilized during free campaign

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — More than 40 veterinarians donated their time free of charge to sterilize over 1,500 cats and dogs in the municipality of Solidaridad. Municipal President Cristina Torres Gómez was on hand for the start of the Sterilization of Dogs and Cats Campaign which began last week. More than 1,500 animals have been sterilized completely free of charge through the support of the civil associations Lives, IFAW, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Coco’s Animal Welfare in coordination with the government of Solidarity. Torres Gómez recognized the work of the animal…

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International businesses express interest in Solidarity Mexico Playa del Carmen 

International businesses express interest in Solidaridad

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Numerous international business groups have expressed interest in investing in the municipality of Solidaridad Mayor Cristina Torres Gómez reported that business groups from Canada, China, the United States, Italy and Norway are looking to invest in Solidaridad to develop projects that will transform the energy industry and tourism sectors. She pointed out that sustainability is a priority and mandatory issue when talking about diversifying the market for goods and services in the municipality. With that said, any project that seeks to establish itself here should strive not to…

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