Massive outdoor concert raises money for earthquake victims Mexico Mexico City 

Massive outdoor concert raises money for earthquake victims

Mexico City, Mexico — Nearly three weeks after the lastest earthquakes, the city of Mexico hosted a grand charity concert to raise money for rehabilitation and restoration of the lives damaged. Thousands of people gathered in the main square in Mexico City to watch the massive concert Estamos Unidos Mexicanos where national and foreign artists called for solidarity with the country. The evening began with an emotional minute of silence for earthquake victims before the national anthem kicked off the musical event in the country’s capital city. The Northern band Bronco opened the musical repertoire,…

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Amidst its own crisis, Mexico sends aid to Puerto Rico Mexico Mexico City 

Amidst its own crisis, Mexico sends aid to Puerto Rico

Mexico City, Mexico — Amidst its own natural disasters that have killed hundreds, Mexico sent relief aid to those in need in Puerto Rico. Wednesday, Mexico sent humanitarian aid to Puerto Rico to help the island recover from Hurricane Maria, a disaster that US President Donald Trump has been accused of minimizing. The Mexican foreign ministry said the country has sent approximately 30 tonnes of bottled water and other supplies, including insect repellent to help the US territory where thousands remain homeless due to recent hurricanes. Mexico said they are also sending a team of specialists to the…

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Massive 18-vehicle accident kills four Around Mexico Mexico Mexico City 

Runaway water truck hits 18 vehicles, kills four

Mexico City, Mexico — A water truck that lost its breaks on a busy city street crashed into a home, but not before careening off vehicles and killing four. The accident occurred on Constituyentes and Gelati in Mexico City when a water truck carrying 40,000 liters of water lost its brakes. The momentum from the vehicle resulted in it hitting 18 vehicles, one of which was a white Honda Civic with three passengers, all of whom were killed. The water truck ended up impacting the wall of a home embedding the…

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More than 38,000 buildings damaged in Mexico City earthquake Around Mexico Mexico Mexico City 

More than 3,800 buildings damaged in Mexico City earthquake

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico City government officials say that the collapsed buildings from the recent earthquake were built before 1985. Government head Miguel Angel Mancera said that a total of 38 buildings fell from the September 19 earthquake with another 3,800 reporting damage. “In an initial review, I can say that the vast majority of buildings exceed the years of 1985. But we must review the buildings that could be more recent in this classification,” said Mancera Espinosa. “I am interested in checking if there are buildings that fell because they do not…

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US sends help, China expresses condolences for earthquake victims Mexico Mexico City 

U.S. sends help, China expresses condolences for earthquake victims

Mexico City, Mexico — A rescue team from the United States has landed in Mexico City to help with rescue efforts. The team of men and their dogs arrived in Mexico Thursday from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The specialty search and rescue team also arrived with equipment, says the Mexico-based US ambassador, Roberta Jacobson. “Solidarity with Mexico. Rescuers and canines from the Los Angeles County Fire Department ready to support the people and government of Mexico #FuerzaMéxico,” she wrote on social media. According to the ambassador, the rescue experts arrived in…

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More than 180 flights canceled due to earthquake Cancun Mexico Mexico City Travel 

More than 180 flights canceled due to earthquake

Cancun, Q.R. — Nearly 200 flights have been delayed or canceled due to Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico City. Tuesday’s 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City has so far, caused the cancellation of more than 180 flights at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM). Of these flights, at least 11 involved flights to and from the capital city to Cancun. The Mexico City Benito Juarez airport suffered extensive damage as a street around the airport was split open. Inside the airport, automatic doors stopped working due to heaved pavement, while inside,…

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Mexico's second quake in 10 days kills 2017 Mexico Mexico City 

Mexico’s second earthquake in 10 days kills 217

Mexico City, Mexico — A powerful earthquake shook most of central Mexico collapsing at least 27 buildings Tuesday as a second quake hit the region in less than two weeks. According to the US Geological Survey, the ecpicenter of Tuesday’s devastating earthquake was 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) east-northeast of San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles (55 km) south-southwest of the city of Puebla, in Puebla state. The National Seismological Service of Mexico reports the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred at 13:14:40 Mexico time with the epicenter 120 kilometers from Mexico City and at…

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DACA program mexico news Mexico Mexico City Political 

Mexico will not abandon dreamers says Videgaray

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico says it will not abandon “dreamers”, endorsing its commitment to Mexicans affected by the recent rescinding of the American DACA program. Earlier in the month, the American Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration is rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s Foreign Minister, made an announcement during a press conference at the Consulate General of Mexico in Los  Angeles noting that he’s aware that “dreamers” want to remain the United States, nevertheless emphasized that the administration of Pena Nieto…

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