Spain produces world's first blue wine Lifestyle 

Spain produces world’s first blue wine

A Spanish company has shaken the traditional wine industry with a new blue wine, Gïk Blue. The innovative concept wine is a combination of red and white grapes with organic pigments and flavors that produce a sweet, electric blue wine. While some are raising their eyebrows, others are raising their glasses. Gïk Blue co-creator Aritz López, says “Gïk was born for fun, to shake things up and see what happens. We wanted to innovate and start a little revolution… and the wine industry looked like the perfect place to start.”…

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Cannabis infused coffee, teas big sellers

Those looking for a little extra buzz in their coffee can now purchase convenient cannabis-infused single use pods. The cannabis-infused coffee is a Seattle-based shop – Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop — that sells pods of premium Catapult coffee at $10 per pod. Each pod is a single coffee serving that contains 10 mg of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Prior to the pods, the shop sold loose grounds of coffee infused with marijuana, but the company says the pods are “quickly becoming big sellers.” “I liken it to a…

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Easter means bunnies: parents warned to reconsider as pets

Easter is just around the corner which for many involves Easter eggs and chocolate. For pet stores, though, it means stocking up on live rabbits. Easter is the most popular and tempting time of year for parents to give a rabbit to their child for a pet, not fully realizing that rabbits are a lot of work. Although cute and cuddly, organizations are warning parents to do their homework first. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits do not make good pets for children. Pet rabbits are domesticated prey animals that are…

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scientists say to get over allergies, eat peanuts Lifestyle 

Scientists: the best way to avoid peanut allergies, eat peanuts

When it comes to peanuts and allergies, researchers are now rethinking their complete avoidance advice in exchange for early introduction. In recent studies, scientists have discovered that babies who are at risk for developing peanut allergies may be able to avoid it if they’re fed peanuts on a regular basis during their first 11 months. The common and often deadly childhood allergy was effectively decreased by 80 percent in high-risk children with a prevalence of peanut allergies. The children who frequently ate peanuts during infanthood showed a higher reduction in…

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Paleo Diet: Really?

Deemed by supporters as the world’s healthiest diet, consumers can’t help but wonder if there are any truthful facts when it comes to this latest food craze. More than just your typical temporary eating adjustment, the paleo diet definitely demands an intense change of lifestyle, one that will take you all the way back to cavemen days. Claimed paleo movement founder, Loren Cordain, believes people need to ditch modern refined foods such as wheat, dairy and anything processed because humans are genetically predisposed to eating stone-age traditional foods that include…

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how to know if they're organic cosmetics Lifestyle 

Determining organic cosmetic products

On average, the typical American consumer uses about nine personal care products each day. Between these nine products, which normally consist of creams, perfumes, shampoos and soaps, there are more than 125 ingredients, many of which are not considered healthy substances. Public concern over these unhealthy substances has been one reason many companies have turned to organic cosmetic products. Even though organic has become an option for everything from bread wheat to lean meat and hair spray to furniture polish, are these products really better than their predecessors? Buying organic,…

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Is it possible to make up for lost sleep?

According to sleep medicine specialists, although it is possible to sleep in on weekends in an attempt to make up for lost slumber, this method of catching up on Zs is not quite as efficient as the myth claims. Oversleeping on days off can make up for a portion of sleep lost, however, the amount of sleep lost versus the amount of sleep recovered are unlikely to be the same. People who have lost only a few hours of sleep — around five or so hours over the course of…

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Experts warn HCD diet ineffective, can lead to malnutrition

With all the hyped weight loss claims being made about the latest and greatest in weight loss, the HCG Diet, it’s no surprise that it has caught the attention of obese men and women around the world. The diet, which is also called the Simeons Method and named for the original ‘founder’ back in the 1950s, is one of extreme concern to doctors and nutritionists. There are two main parts to this diet that people need to be extremely aware and cautious of: one is the product HCG and the…

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