Carnival cruise ship rescues hurricane stranded man at sea International 

Carnival cruise ship rescues hurricane stranded man at sea

Tampa, Florida — A man who was stranded at sea during Hurricane Irma has been rescued by a passing Carnival cruise ship. Edward Potter, a shrimp boat captain and his first matte, Carl Sheperd, were caught in the Gulf of Mexico in a 75-foot boat when the storm hit. After spending several hours riding out Hurricane Irma, a Carnival cruise ship passed that was put out to sea for protection prior to the storm and was then bound for a dry dock for maintenance. Ship personnel helped Potter on board…

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Thieves loot shops as Florida suffers Irma International 

Thieves loot shops as Florida suffers Irma

Miami, Florida — Groups of thieves in different Florida cities were caught on video looting stores as millions suffered the after affects of Hurricane Irma. One group of looters were caught on camera Sunday as they entered a back door to a Miami Foot Locker and exited with armloads of shoe boxes before hastily running to the getaway cars. In Fort Lauderdale, authorities arrested nine people for looting several stores including two clothing stores and one sports shop. They were all caught on camera “Going to prison for a pair…

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Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia in Atlantic first since 2010 International Mexico 

Atlantic Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia first since 2010

For the first time since 2010, the Atlantic has three active hurricanes, two of which are expected to make landfall this weekend. All eyes are on Hurricane Irma as she continues to devastate everything in her path. The Category 4 hurricane ripped over numerous Caribbean Islands as a Category 5 already this week as she carries forward toward Florida. While Irma was destroying islands, both Jose and Katia storms strengthened to hurricane status, bringing the number to three for the Atlantic basin. Weather forecasters say that although Jose is not…

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US-Mexican man legally changes name to Trump International 

US-Mexican man legally changes name to Trump

Houston, Texas —  A Texas judge has approved the name-change of a man who calls himself the “undeportable one”. Ernesto Baeza Acosta, who is now legally Ernesto Trump, changed his name after approval by a Texas judge. The heavily tattooed man, who posts outrageous video stunts on YouTube, wrote on his petition that his new name would be “more suitable for professional purposes”. The Texas Trump calls himself the President’s son, complete with doctored photos, saying “I am the undeportable one.” On Twitter, President Trump’s favorite platform, he posted a tweet to the President…

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Category 5 Irma lands Caribbean Islands International 

Category 5 Irma lands Caribbean Islands

Hurricane Irma landed along a string of northeast Caribbean islands late yesterday with 180 mph winds leaving nine dead. Irma arrived, soaking the islands and leaving mass devastation in her wake as she made her way through Barbuda, St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands. The Prime Minister of Antigua dn Barbuda said that the island is barely habitable. Although Puerto Rico was not hit directly, the island was still battered by strong winds and torrential rains, leaving approximately 900,000 without electricity. The island has nearly 57,000 residents without drinking…

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Mexico food, equipment relief to arrive in US today International Mexico 

Mexico food, equipment relief to arrive in US today

Mexico City, Mexico — Texas can expect aid relief from Mexico as early as today as the country sends a caravan of food, water and equipment. A caravan of 25 trailers filled with coffee, rice, beans, water and chocolate is expected to cross the border into Texas today. Mexican government officials say they also intend to ship 300 beds, water treatment equipment, mobile kitchens, generators and satellite equipment as well as personnel to help neighbors to the north. Carlos Manuel Sada, Mexico’s undersecretary for North American relations, said that the…

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Mexico continues to help Canada fight fires International Mexico 

Mexico continues to help Canada fight fires

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican brigades continue to help Canada battle its forest fires as more than 250 volunteers offer their expertise. So far, 251 Mexican technicians and firefighters, including one woman, have traveled to Canada to help control the forest fires that continue to engulf many parts of British Columbia. The Mexican government says Mexico expresses its highest recognition and admiration to the men and women who lend their lives to a highly risky service. It’s the experience and knowledge of Mexican fire brigades and technicians that has allowed them to come…

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Three Mexican nationals die in Texas rescue efforts International 

Three Mexican nationals die in Texas rescue efforts

Houston, Texas — Three Mexican nationals that set out to volunteer in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas, have died. Three of the volunteer rescue workers died in Houston after losing control of a boat they were in. The three men died when their boat collided with a high-voltage pole of cables. A fourth volunteer remains missing. Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto used his Twitter account to express his condolences and praise the humanitarian work they carried out. Aid workers from the Mexican Red Cross were sent from Mexico last week…

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