French designer sells 235 peso handbags for 28,000 Financial Mexico 

French designer sells 237 peso handbags for 28,000

Mexico City, D.F. — Famous French designer, Christian Louboutin, takes 2,000 Mayan bags to Italy where they are sold for an average of 28,000 peso each. The French designer, who is famous for his red-soled ladies shoes, hired four Maya women to hand-embroider 2,000 woman’s bags to be sold at a show in Italy. The five-month project was accepted by a handful of Maya women in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Maxcanú, located south of the state. Late last year, the women contacted Louboutin through the Maya World Haciendas Foundation and…

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Mexico's electric Zuca Financial Mexico 

Mexico launches its first electric car

Mexico City, D.F. — Mexicana Motores Limpios S.A.P.I. has launched the first 100 percent nationally produced electric car. The urban two-seater coupé will be introduced to the public during the remainder of 2017, says the company’s CEO Jorge Martinez. The company has made 100 of the new Zacua’s, which offers consumers 160 kilometers of travel on a single battery charge, which from zero to full, takes eight hours. The Zacua has a fully electric motor developed by Dynamic Technological Alliance with a French design by the firm Chatenet. The battery is of Chinese origin. The car…

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Mercedes Benz introducing new sustainable models to Mexico market Financial Mexico 

Mercedes Benz introducing new sustainable models to Mexico market

Mexico City, D.F. — Mercedez Benz has plans to introduce six new sustainable models to Mexico car buyers by the end of the year. The luxury car maker says that they will introduce five hybrid models and one electric model. Mercedes-Benz Mexico CEO Radek Jelinek reports that all six new models will be available by the end of 2017. He said that due to the expectation that sustainable technologies have awakened in the Mexican consumer, the company determined that this year the class GLE and class S will arrive in Mexico, to…

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Mexico’s food exports increase despite US uncertainty Financial Mexico 

Mexico’s food exports increase despite US uncertainty

Exports of agri-food products are the highest in all of history and the expectation is that in 2017 “we will grow even more,” said the spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic, Eduardo Sánchez Hernández. Accompanied by the Secretary of Agriculture, José Calzada Rovirosa, explained that “Mexican products are distinguished by their quality and by meeting the highest sanitary standards in the world, so our agri-food supply is the most competitive in the world.” In a press conference the company said the Mexican agri-food sector is experiencing a great moment thanks…

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Walmart México announces major capital investments Financial Mexico 

Walmart México announces major capital investments

Mexico City, D.F.  — Walmart de México and Central America have announced plans of adding an additional 19 percent this year in their Latin American market with capital investments of 17 billion peso. The move comes after thier latest annual analysts meeting. Pedro Farah, CFO of the company, detailed that 38 percent of the resources will go to the units currently in operation  for remodeling, 31 percent to new stores, 13 percent to logistics, 10 percent to technology and e-commerce and the remaining 8 percent to perishables. In all, the company plans to…

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Nissan appoints Mexican nationals for global positions Financial Mexico 

Nissan appoints Mexican nationals for global positions

Mexico City, D.F. – Two locals have been given top management positions with Nissan in the company’s global management worldwide. The two newly appointed members will be Iván Espinosa and Carlos Servin. As of April 1, Mr. Espinosa, who is currently vice president of product planning for Nissan Europe, will become vice president of product planning for Nissan global. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESM), as well as a degree in Marketing from Northwestern University. Carlos Servin, corporate vice president…

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Ejido land attractive real estate option Financial Mexico 

Ejido land can be an attractive real estate option

Mexico City, Q.R. — In recent years, many parts of Mexico have become an attractive market for the sale of tourist land in regions such as Los Cabos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Puerto Vallarta among others. In most cases, the price of the properties sold are in the US dollars and, depending on where one decides to buy, the cost per hectare can range from $30,000 to $100,000 dollars. Although this type of real estate can be a good option for those with purchasing power, there are several aspects to consider before carrying…

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Division of Telmex to take 3 years Financial Mexico Mexico City 

Division of Telmex to take 3 years

Mexico City, D.F. – The division of Mexico telecommunications company, Telmex, is expected to take around three years to complete. The company has announced it will split into two companies, one to manage its infrastructure and another to provide telephone and internet services. Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) explained that after the approval the new company can run for up to two years once they start operating. América Móvil is the company that will be taking over the infrastructure portion of Mexico’s largest telecommunications company. Although América Móvil has indicated its interest…

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