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Carnival launches new volunteer cruise brand, fathom

Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest travel and leisure company, has launched a new cruise brand, fathom™.

Fathom will offer consumers a new travel category Carnival is calling “social impact travel”, where people participate in meaningful travel experiences to work alongside locals to fulfill community needs.

Carnival has selected the Puerto Plata region of Dominican Republic as their first impact destination. They chose this area because, although known for its beauty, the country has a low annual household income of about $6,000 a year, leaving more than two million people without access to piped water.

Carnival will begin offering their social impact travel cruises on fathom in April 2016. The 7-day voyage will leave from Port Miami carrying approximately 700 passengers. While on board, passengers will be able to choose from a wide range of social impact activities depending on their interests, skills and passions.

“fathom will cater to a growing market of consumers who want to have a positive impact on people’s lives and aren’t always sure where to begin,” said Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation.

“We believe travel is a meaningful way to allow for personal growth while making purposeful and engaging contributions to the world. We are so pleased that fathom will give travelers a unique opportunity to work alongside local people as part of a larger scale effort that will demonstrably improve lives. Both our travelers and the local citizens will learn and benefit from the opportunity to serve together.”

“fathom will mobilize, educate and equip up to 700 travelers on every trip allowing for thousands of impact activity days per week – and tens of thousands of travelers a year to communities of promise, providing unprecedented scale for impact,” said Russell.

“fathom has been built differently, having worked carefully to ensure any and all efforts fathom travelers engage with are authentically impactful, scalable and sustainable. fathom’s scale allows the opportunity to continuously innovate in the social impact space, while achieving holistic, transformational societal contributions that will help a broad region flourish.”


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