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Carnival cruise ship rescues hurricane stranded man at sea

Tampa, Florida — A man who was stranded at sea during Hurricane Irma has been rescued by a passing Carnival cruise ship.

Edward Potter, a shrimp boat captain and his first matte, Carl Sheperd, were caught in the Gulf of Mexico in a 75-foot boat when the storm hit.

After spending several hours riding out Hurricane Irma, a Carnival cruise ship passed that was put out to sea for protection prior to the storm and was then bound for a dry dock for maintenance. Ship personnel helped Potter on board and gave him, food, water and medical attention.

Unfortunately, Potter’s first mate did not survive the storm.

Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said the Carnival Elation was on its way to the Bahamas when Capt. Gaetano Gigliotti and his crew took action upon receiving a distress call.

“We are extremely proud of Capt. Gaetano Gigliotti and the Carnival Elation team for their exemplary and life-saving actions in this very challenging situation,” de la Cruz said.