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Carlos Slim’s take on Trumps wall

Mexico City, D.F. — Mexican businessman Carlos Slim says that the best border wall is “to generate job opportunities” and questioned President Donald Trump for proposing “regressive utopias” with his protectionist policies.

“This national unity will allow the government to have a position of strength and determination to make the negotiations that are most convenient to the national interests,” he added.

At a press conference, Slim said Mexico has to negotiate from a position of strength noting that Trump, whom he called a “great negotiator,” represents a major change in the way politics is done.

He warned that the negotiation will be “arduous and difficult” with Trump, who “does not have time to be politically careful”, so it will be necessary to put the country before the parties and defend Mexico’s interests with “determination and dignity.”

He also said that the situation and circumstances of the United States are very favorable for Mexico. The businessman said that although President Donald Trump wants to change the way he governs and does politics, he also “represents a setback.”

That is why Mexico has several favorable conditions in the negotiation, which it considered “more on our side than on other sides” and should address issues such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rather than the construction of a border wall.

“Thinking about returning to the glorious past of American industry does not work, they go back to the past,” he said.

The Mexican billionaire said that “Mexico is the U.S.’s best partner and the most complementary” and accused Trump of “hyperactivity.”

Hopefully within this presidential hyperactivity they find that these paradigms – such as social information, technology and globalization – are important,” he added.

Peña Nieto and Trump held a telephone conversation in which they agreed to resolve their “clear and very public” differences over the payment of the border wall as part of a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the bilateral relationship and “no longer speak publicly” on this, noted the Mexican President.

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