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Car accident on Playa del Carmen overpass injures four

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Four people have been injured in a two car accident that took place on a Playa del Carmen overpass.

The accident happened Thursday when a car jumped the ridge, invading the opposite lane, colliding with another other vehicle.

The accident took place on the Playa del Carmen Boulevard, at the height of the 11th avenue south, where a visitor to the area lost control of his vehicle, jumping over the dividing ridge, crashing into an oncoming car.

The man who allegedly caused the accident was pinned inside his vehicle and required firefighters to cut him free. The driver of the second car along with two family members suffered injuries and were taken to the General Hospital.

The accident, which resulted in significant material damage, impeded traffic in the area and required the help of Civil Protection to clean the pavement while cranes removed the units.