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CAPA to invest more than 395 million in Akumal, Chemuyil

Tulum, Q.R. — La Comisión de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (CAPA) says they will be investing 395 million peso next year for water and sewage lines in Akumal and Chemuyil.

Both in the municipality of Tulum, CAPA announces an investment of just over 395,530 peso in monies to be invested during 2019. Municipal president, Victor Mas Tah says the investment will see water and sewage lines for these areas.

Mas Tah says that the state faces serious problems due to the location of the hydraulic network and that it presents deficiencies. He says the current system also generates many citizen complaints of leaks, broken pipes and low pressure.

Efforts by CAPA and state authorities will be made to compliment the growth of Tulum which, he notes, will be a fundamental task. He says they intend to provide a solution to the issues concerning water and sewage, ensuring a water supply and improved pressure.

He explained that during the past few years, very little investing has been done in the hydraulic network for Tulum, the reason why it remains in terrible condition. However, since the administration of Governor Carlos Joaquín González, 150 million peso has been channeled for the change of pipes to increase the network of water and drainage in the colonies that did not have the service.

He said that through the new Technical Board of the CAPA Operator Agency in Tulum, they will integrate into each of the federal, state and municipal agencies to find effective solutions for Tulum. “The idea is to improve every day, the infrastructure of the hydraulic network to respond to the needs of citizens and ensure that the service reaches all populated areas,” he said.

General director of CAPA, Gerardo Mora Vallejo, said he will work in coordination with the municipality of Tulum to find solutions. He says he will also request resources from the varying federal and state authorities to carry out work to benefit the town and face the constant growth of the tourist destination.