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Canine Cancer Research Walk from Canada to Mexico

Last updated on October 24, 2017

Fourth-three-year-old Canadian, Luke Robinson, began his 2,000 mile trek from the West Coast of Canada to the border of Mexico to raise canine cancer awareness.

During his 6-month on-foot journey with Indiana and Hudson, his two Great Pyrenees, Robinson says, “We hope to encourage people to come out and walk a mile, walk a day, or walk a week with us since all of us have been touched by cancer.”

Both Indiana and Hudson are outfitted with Tagg GPS Tracker collars, making it possible to easily follow their journey online.

Robinson has already lost one day to cancer, Malcom in 2006. His dog’s death inspired him to start a national canine cancer charity, Puppy Up Foundation. In a press release, Robinson says, “We know dogs get the same types of cancer that we do. The question is why? That is what our foundation strives for.” Between four and eight million dogs are affected by cancer each year.

Robin’s first big walk for canine cancer was in 2008 when his current dog Hudson and previous Murphy took on the East Coast by foot, walking from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts. Murphy died of nasal cancer shortly after completing the trip in June 2011.

Robinson said, “After the loss of Murphy, we just felt like we needed to get back on the road to continue our mission of education and awareness.”

Their latest mission has the trio walking between 12 to 14 miles each day, with a goal to reach San Diego by the beginning of November. In remembering his 2008 East Coast walk, Robinson says, “Hudson is already road tested. Indy our newer one, he’s a road warrior. Indy will have no problem. He’ll tire me out at the end of the day. My job is to get my boys from point A to point B safely and securely.”

To help support Robin’s canine cancer cause, you can purchase a Tagg GPS collar during his 6-month walk. Use the code2dogs to receive 10 percent off your purchase. Once Robinson reaches his destination, the Tagg company will donate $25 from each of the 2dogs purchase to the Puppy Up Foundation.



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