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Cancun’s urban image commission says political ads have to go

Cancun, Q.R. — Less than a week after political party advertisements hit the city of Cancun, the Urban Image Commission says they have to go.

The Urban Image Commission of Cancun says the large billboard-sized ads placed by the National Electoral Institute in several points of the city, not only violate city regulations, but are also a safety issue.

Commission members Sergio González Rubiera and Francisco López Reyes say that part of their job is to regulate the electoral and commercial advertising in various areas of the city, as well as enforce regulations with the goal of creating a clean image for Cancun.

They explain that the large advertisements cannot be justified simply due to the elections since they put both pedestrians and drivers at risk. The commission says that the advertisements also visually contaminate the city of Cancun while violating the Regulation of Advertisements and Urban Image.

The commission points out that they will focus on prime areas such as the Cancun Hotel Zone, Colosio Boulevard, Bonampak Avenue, as well as Tankah and Coba. Areas such as Mercado 28 will also be monitored since it is a place frequented by tourists.

A letter has been sent to current Cancun mayor Remberto Estrada Barba as well as the National Electoral Institute who says they were not the ones to place the ads. Claudia Rodríguez Sánchez, executive board member of the National Electoral Institute says, “We did not install them, they were installed by the City Council.”

To preserve the city’s urban image, in 2017, the city of Cancun signed an agreement that prohibits the placement of political and electoral advertising in the Cancun Hotel Zone, along Kukulcán Boulevard, on historical monuments, public buildings and sidewalks throughout the city, as well as roundabouts, ridges and municipal delegations.