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Cancun’s Intelligent Driver program helping to reduce alcohol related road accidents

Cancún, Q.R. — The Intelligent Driver program in Cancun is proving successful with a significant decrease in alcohol related road accidents.

The director of Prevention of Crime for Benito Juárez, Julio Góngora Martín, explained that there are already 19 different bars and restaurants around Cancun affiliated with the program that sees impaired drivers get home safely with a designated driver.

Góngora Martín says that they have seen a decrease of 40 percent in alcohol-related road accidents in the municipality from January to October of this year. He explained that the reduction of accidents is not only due to the Intelligent Driver program, but also to the regular breathalyzer check stops around the city.

“We are working on a line of action with the Government Citizen Security axis implemented by the municipal president Mara Lezama Espinosa by developing incentives to reduce the rate of car accidents in which alcohol consumption is involved.

“To finish this year, we intend to have more companies participate in the program,” he said adding that the program is aimed primarily at young people aged 18 to 35.

He says that the program has a very simple dynamic. Groups of three or four young people who arrive at a nightclub or bar designate a hero or heroine of the night who will not consume alcoholic beverages and who will later, drive their friends to their homes.

In return, the entertainment center is committed that all drinks by the designated driver are completely free.