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Cancun tourist transport companies claim illegal witch hunt by Sintra

Cancun, Q.R. — Tourist transport services of Cancun are lodging a battle against the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation for what they are calling an illegal witch hunt.

At a press conference, Roberto Rafael Rubio Sánchez, president of the Mexican Association of Tourist Transporters and José Luis Bizarro Galván, leader of Movimiento Tour said they are fed up with the illegal arrests by Department of Infrastructure and Transportation.

They say that since Jorge Portilla Mánica left the department his transportation directorate, Alejandro Ramos Hernández, has unleashed an illegal hunt of transport service providers to benefit the taxi drivers’ union.

The State Government, they argued, allow these operations where units are prevented from providing the service for which they are concessioned with the towing of vehicles with foreign passengers on board.

They added that this damages the image of the tourist destinations.

Rubio Sanchez says that this harassment goes against the effort that transporters and travel agencies make to promote destination.

A Brazilian company, an Argentinean company and two Colombian companies have already broken contracts due to the tourist complaints by those who have been involved in arrests and even violence by taxi drivers brought on by Department of Infrastructure and Transportation.

As an example of these excesses, Sanchez describes an incident in Cozumel in which a van with federal license plates was lifted by a crane with tourists still inside.

Although the federal transport service vehicles are regulated by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, he says Sintra prevents them working, even in pre-contracted services, by blocking areas such as airports and even the entrance to hotels.