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Cancun to install security cameras in public vehicles

Cancun, Q.R. —  A vote to install security cameras in public transportation vehicles in Cancun has been passed after the death of a State Land Transport (TTE) driver last week.

The unanimous vote came from city council members after a man was shot and killed last week while on duty. Erika Castillo of Urban Development and Transportation in the City of Benito Juárez, said that along with the installation of internal cameras, Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic (Smspyt) will also be installing external security cameras in the main public areas of the city.

Cancun city officials said that they decided to install surveillance cameras inside vehicles to give passengers and carriers greater security. The installation of the cameras will be mandatory and in all vehicles within three months.

Municipal Transportation and Transit of Benito Juárez have a meeting set for August 15 where they will analyze the progress of the installations. Noé Pinacho Santos, president of the Committee on Urban Development and Transportation, stressed that installing the cameras inside the vehicles is not an option and that the cost will be absorbed by the companies as a new requirement that must be met to operate in Cancun.

Once installed, the cameras will be connected to the municipal Public Security where they can monitor drivers and passengers.