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Cancun Telmex workers threaten strike if terms not clarified

Cancun, Q.R. — Workers of Telmex in Cancun say they are ready to call a strike after waiting more than a year for the company to clarify its terms after diving into two.

José Guadalupe Poot Díaz, secretary general of Section 103 of the Syndicate of Telephone Operators of Mexico, said that they are ready to strike after waiting a year for the company Telmex, to verify terms regarding its subsidiary Telnor.

Poot Diaz says that it’s been more than a year since Telmex created the subsidiary, but due to lack of clarity, 60,000 union workers have their retirement benefits at risk.

Poot Díaz pointed out that the Federal Government stopped investing in this area more than four years ago. He says they stopped investing in cellular and internet connectivity in the towns of Quintana Roo where residential telephone networks exist.

He added that there are 3,000 public telephone booths in the streets of Cancun, but that 40 percent  are not operating due to lack of maintenance.

“We continue with the fight, we are confident that we will move forward,” he said.

On March 7, the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (Ifetel) gave Telmex and its subsidiary Telnor 20 days to submit new company bylaws. According to Víctor Manuel Rodríguez, head of the Regulatory Policy Unit of Ifetel, the deadlines for the formation of the new companies started March 7 explaining that Telmex is obliged to comply and report quarterly on the progress.

Before the end of the year, the company must have the constitution of the Board of Directors of the new company and by the first quarter, have made the transfer of personnel, among other points that must be done in a period of two years.

April 25 is the set date for Mexican telephone workers in Cancún to call a strike at Teléfonos de México (Telmex).