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Cancun taxi drivers threaten public Uber vote with boycotts

Cancun, Q.R. — Threats of a union boycott have not phased state governor Carlos Manuel Joaquín González in regards to the Uber public consultation vote set for July.

The State governor says he is here to work, not to take care of votes, in regard to the recent union threats that have resulted from the announcement of the public consultation for the fate of the Cancun Uber car service.

The governor said that instead of threats of suspensions or cancellations, including electoral votes at the polls, one should think about improving competitiveness and image, referring to the providers of public passenger transport service.

“What we must do is to always try to improve our competitiveness and our image,” adding that “democracy is like that, and it seems to me that people need to express themselves.”

“This does not mean hurting anyone. It is not meant to hurt someone. I am interested in taxi drivers having jobs and growth possibilities and I will fight for that,” said the governor who appealed to the better judgement of taxi members to strengthen their services.

“The unions are our friends. We work together with them, they are very important and I will continue working to support them,” he said adding that it is also important for the taxi drivers to learn what it is that people think and want.

The fate of Uber Cancun will be decided July 1 after the political elections with the first ever new Citizen Participation law. The Uber votes will be made by citizens, legislators and municipal heads.

Haydé Saldaña Martínez, PRD deputy in Cancun says that the public consultation can result in violence because the union of taxi drivers has acted aggressively against the platform and there may be the possibility that they could interrupt the elections and affect the electoral process.

Eduardo Pacho Gallegos of the National Action Party (PAN) in Cancun says that this citizen consultation will mark the opening of the government because, for the first time, citizens will have a tool to be heard and authorities must respond.

In respect to the position of the taxi drivers union disagreeing with the consultation, he said “The union forgot to give a good service and does not want to accept the competition because it will force union leaders to give them better job opportunities and security for their members.”

Mayra San Román Carrillo Medina, president of El Instituto Electoral de Quintana Roo, says that the Uber vote is only for the municipality of Benito Juárez adding that 544,000 ballots have already been prepared for citizens to vote for or against Uber Cancun.