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Cancun taxi drivers oppose public Uber vote

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun taxi drivers are not only opposing the regularization of Uber, but now are also opposing the Uber public consultation set by the state.

On July 1, residents of Benito Juarez will have the opportunity to vote for or against the regularization of Uber Cancun after they have cast their political votes.

State governor Carlos Manuel Joaquín Gonzále appealed for the public consultation earlier this month, however, Andrés Quintana Roo taxi drivers are against the idea that would allow the public to vote the fate of Uber.

The regularizing of Uber and other transport platforms will be submitted to public consultation in Benito Juarez July 1 after the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo approved the governor’s request.

The request was made to the General Council of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo on March 28 by Governor Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, who says the Uber vote will comprise of a simple two boxes — “yes” and “no”.

Erasmo Abelar Cámara, General Secretary of the Taxi Workers Union Andrés Quintana Roo, said that the union is in a process of analysis and legal review of issues that put social stability at risk, seeking, above all circumstances, to safeguard the interests of the thousands of families who depend on the transport services that have concessions in Benito Juárez.

“The organized taxi drivers of Cancún are more occupied in promoting the training of our members, providing intensive courses, workshops and other methods that allow us to recover the confidence of the user and society, improving the quality of the service,” he said.

He added, “We will defend, with conscience and with the law in hand, the rights and family support of the operators and concessionaires, their sources of work and our patrimony, because it is our responsibility and commitment as the head of this union.”

According to María Fernanda Resendiz, Communication Manager at Uber México, more than 19,000 requests for the Uber service were received over Easter and Semana Santa.

“We join the call of civil society in Cancun, as well as various business organizations, and reaffirm our commitment to work hand-in-hand with the authorities for the early development and approval of an inclusive regulation in Quintana Roo.”

A survey by the Cancun Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana shows 7 out of 10 Cancun residents request the permanence of Uber Cancun.

Uber has been waiting for regularization since they agreed to temporarily halt their services in December.