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Cancun taxi driver recorded assaulting passenger

Cancun, Q.R. — A video of a Cancun taxi driver assaulting a passenger has gone viral after a dispute over a fare.

A taxi driver from the Andes Quintana Roo Syndicate in Cancun was denounced on social media for the alleged kidnapping of, and aggression toward, a passenger.

According to Jesús Peraza, the alleged victim, the incident occurred after a discussion with the taxi operator about the cost of the fare. Refusing to pay what the driver asked, he argued that normally the fare costs 30 peso, explaining that he was going from Zone 21 to Zone 31 in Cancun.

His WhatsApp social media publication was accompanied by a short 28-second video from the front seat inside the taxi where the driver attempts to assault Peraza when he begins to record the conversation.

In the video, the taxi driver slaps the hand of Peraza that is holding the phone. Peraza says when he refused to pay the requested fee, the taxi driver decided to drive, taking him a mile away from his destination against his will.

“I told him that what he was doing was called kidnapping,” Peraza wrote on his social media. Peraza says he filed a formal complaint with the taxi driver’s union.

As of yesterday, taxi union officials said they remained unaware of the incident, but it proven true, would apply the laws as stipulated by the union.

The incident comes one day after nearly 900 Cancun taxi drivers publicly protest the passing of a new mobility law that would allow competition such as Uber enter the local market.