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Cancun streets flooded as city hit by storm

Cancun, Q.R. — Many parts of Cancun were flooded Sunday after heavy rain hit the region knocking down trees and tearing away billboard signs.

The storm ripped through the city of Cancun late Sunday morning and made its way down to Riviera Maya where it arrived as mild showers. It was the city of Cancun that got the worst of the predicted storm.

Meteorologists say that Cold Front 44 was responsible for the extreme drop in temperatures as the system arrived with force winds and heavy rains. Although the National Meteorological Service had anticipated the cold front, it brought with it with a fair amount of electrical activity that rumbled skies for hours.

Before it was over, Cold Front 44 dumped up to 75 millimeters of rain in some areas of the city of Cancun, flooding streets.

Some areas of Cancun reported fallen trees, while several billboard signs were wind damaged. In particular, Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, Avenida Xel-Ha, Avenida Leona Vicario and Avenida Bonampak were some of the hardest hit.

The storm has since passed leaving the entire region with cool air. Local forecasts are calling for a warm week with an extreme UV index of 11 as temperatures reach daytime highs of 29C (86F).