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Cancun star gazers get eyeful of Google UFO

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun star gazers had a eyeful of something other than the twinkle of evening stars when people spotted an unidentifiable object making its way over the city.

Unsure what the floating object was and looking for an answer, many people headed to the Ka ‘Yok Planetarium whose staff ruled out that it was a star. In the sky, less than 10 kilometers away was Google’s Loon project.

The Quintana Roo Council of Science and Technology reported that what folks saw making its way over Cancun was a balloon. Specifically, it was the Google Loon project, part of a series of traveling balloons that provide internet service to remote areas.

The website Flight Radar also confirmed the sighting over Cancun, indicating that the flying object was indeed the HBLA080 balloon belonging to Google.

Bio-mechanical engineer Jaime Magallón explained that many people came to the Ka’yok Planetarium looking for a scientific explanation of the UFO. They were told that it was Google’s Loon project balloon and not a UFO.

The Google Loon project, which was launched in 2013, flies several balloons strategically distributed throughout the world. The high-altitude balloons provide internet service to remote areas. Since October, after the massive hurricane destruction, Google has been providing emergency cell service to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Over the years, about half a dozen of the balloons have crashed, mostly into high towers and power lines. Google Loon is part of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.