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Cancun spring break crowd told to keep clothes on, booze off streets

Cancun, Q.R. — Municipal authorities in Cancun are handing out a Code of Conduct to the young spring break crowd asking them to keep their clothes on and alcohol off the streets.

The Code of Conduct pamphlets are being handed out to those arriving in Terminal 3 of the Cancun International Airport. The city is asking those arriving for spring break to avoid being naked in public, not to drink alcoholic beverages in the streets and to avoid urinating in public places.

The Code of Conduct also reminds vacationing crowds that driving while intoxicated, disrespecting authority figures, buying drugs and causing property damage are all illegal acts in Mexico and all are punishable by law.

The pamphlets also provides emergency numbers and reminds vacationers to carry their FMM documents. while in the country.

Jane Garcia, the General Directorate of Municipal Tourism, says that 20,000 pamphlets are being handed out as the spring break crowds arrive. Along with the airport, the pamphlets are also being distributed through travel agencies and tour operators.

She explained that the purpose of the pamphlets is to inform young people about the country’s rules and what is allowed or prohibited based on the Government and Police Regulations of the Municipality of Benito Juárez.

The municipal official explained that during the spring break season about 20,000 vacationers will arrive during the last two weeks of March. According to the Hotel Association of Cancun, the hotel occupancy in the tourist area is already at 91 percent and at 96 percent in hotels in the downtown area.