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Cancún sees 80,000 for spring break, expecting another half million for Easter

Cancun beaches are a sea of bodies as nearly 80,000 students make their way to the pristine shores of the Caribbean Sea.

From Cancun all the way down the Riviera Maya, resort towns find themselves overflowing with party goers, volleyball players, sun bathers and shoppers.

Quintana Roo Governor Roberto Borge said this year’s numbers exceeded estimates by 10,000 over last year’s.
President of the Cancún and Puerto Morelos Hotels Association, Carlos Gosselin Maurel, says that springbreakers have kept local hotel occupancy rates at around 80 percent.

The economic boost of spring break vacationers is continued by those now arriving for Easter vacation. Those arriving for Easter are expected to drop another $500 million US into the region.

Tourism official Francisco López Reyes says that between Cancun and the Riviera Maya there are 94 accommodation properties offering 43,000 rooms. During Easter, the area expects the arrival of another 500,000 visitors, most of whom will be Mexican. This will boost hotel occupancy rates to about 93 percent.

Gosselin Maurel said part of the reason for the additional figures is likely due to the expansion of flights being added from major US airports to Cancun International Airport, however, during Easter, the region receives a vast majority of visitors from inside Mexico.

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