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Cancun, Riviera Maya vaccination program in full swing

From now until May 30, the Ministry of Health (SESA) will continue to offer vaccines to children under the age of five in various Cancun and Riviera Maya regions.

This is the second week of the two-week program.

The program is working in conjunction with the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and the Mexican Institute of Social Security that helps parents get their children vaccinated. Together they are distributing more than 128,000 shots to local kids. The program is also providing parents with vitamins, oral medication and booklets of information.

Jorge Gutierrez Contreras, head of the Sanitary District Number 2, said, “The importance of these two weeks is to reach everyone we can. In the first week we reached 96 percent of the population, and this week we hope to go further.”

In addition to vaccines against diseases, the Sanitary District Number Two will distribute thousands of Vitamin A tablets and about 32,000 sachets of oral re-hydration salts to mothers along with information on living with diarrhea diseases and acute respiratory diseases. The program will also be handing out more than 86,000 doses of albendazole to fight stomach infections.

The distribution posts consist of 57 stations set up by in hospitals and health centers as well as an additional 134 stations along popular city bus stops, stations and markets.

As part of strengthening the campaign, staff of the Ministry of Health will visit primary, kindergarten and secondary children for application doses.

“Prevention is the best tool to protect the most vulnerable in our society, so this campaign is vital to encourage children and parents,” said Paul Novelo Espadas, director of Municipal Public Health.

For older children aged 11 or enrolled in fifth grade, they will receive the HPV vaccine to prevent Human Papillomavirus.

The next national vaccine program will be in October with boosters for prevention of respiratory-related diseases, stomach infections and human papillomavirus.

The municipalities in the current Sanitary District 2 for the 128,000 vaccines include Benito Juarez, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Solidarity, Lazaro Cardenas and Tulum.

The vaccines are provided by the IMSS, ISSSTE, SESA and nursing students who perform social service staff.

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