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Cancun, Riviera Maya cartel leader arrest confirmed

Cancun, Q.R. — An official confirmation of the arrest of a cartel leader that has allegedly dominated the Cancun and Riviera Maya region, was  made yesterday by the state governor.

“I acknowledge the arrest of Leticia Rodríguez (Doña Lety) by the Navy and federal authorities, who is responsible for acts of violence in Quintana Roo,” said Governor Carlos Joaquin.

The confirmation came two days after the speculated arrest of the head cartel leader who, authorities say, is responsible for the violence that has hit Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Federal authorities confirmed the arrest of Doña Lety in a hotel on the Puebla-Veracruz highway.

“We acknowledge the Navy Secretariat and the Federal Police for the capture of Doña Lety, a suspected criminal leader in Cancun. No one is above the law,” said the mayor of Cancun, Remberto Estrada.

“This arrest is the result of intelligence and coordinated work of the three orders of government who are returning security to Benito Juárez,” said the mayor whose city was shaken by the increased violence.

The capture of Leticia Rodríguez Lara, aka, Doña Lety, occurred in Puebla by Marinos and Federales on August 9 and hit the media by storm, however, the confirmation of her capture was not made until yesterday.

Authorities with the national security said she was detained in a coordinated operation carried out in the state of Puebla and is to be investigated for homicides, kidnappings and extortions committed in Cancun, adding that the violence escalated between the Los Zetas, Gulf and Nueva Generación Jalisco cartels over control of the region.

The ongoing dispute between these groups led to the formation of another group called Los Combos, which sought to displace the others from the Cancun Hotel Zone. This, the federal government acknowledges, is where establishments were used for drug distribution, money laundering and human trafficking.

After the confirmation of her capture, security was increased by the Secretary of Public Security for the state of Quintana Roo, with increased surveillance in the entrance and exits points of the cities. “We have reinforced the traffic filters in the municipalities in coordination with federal authorities, mostly the Secretary of National Defense.

Doña Lety has since been transferred to SEIDO prison facilities in the State of Mexico.