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Cancun restaurant fined for serving during dry law

Cancun, Q.R. — One restaurant in Cancun was fined by municipal authorities after it was caught selling alcohol during the dry period for the Sunday elections.

A restaurant on Nadar Avenue was fined says Juan Pablo Aguirre, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry.

“There was a restaurant that decided to take the risk and received a sanction. It was Saturday morning after the Friday midnight deadline. It was the El Socio Naiz Taqueria” he said.

He says that since May 2014, the law has been modified allowing local congresses, states and municipalities to make changes to the Electoral Code to apply or not prohibit the sale of alcohol during election dry law times.

“I made a call to what the Chamber of Deputies of Quintana Roo says which is, in article 310 of our electoral law, there must be a Prohibition Law 24 hours before the opening of the first electoral box.

“This time it was possible to sell alcohol in specified tourist areas, but outside the tourist areas you could not sell,” he remarked.

Pablo Aguirre says in Quintana Roo there are more than 12,000 restaurants that employ more than 33,000 people, so the call to the deputies of the Electoral Code to allow alcohol in tourist areas during the dry law period was important.

“We are no longer in the early twentieth century when alcohol was a matter. We are a new society, a pacifist society and that is why I put a change of law to the deputies for consideration so that together we can make a better state.”