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Cancun to regulate private vacation rentals same as hotels

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun city council is preparing a new set of rules that will see private vacation rentals regulated in much the same manner as its hotels.

The new regulations will be included in the modification of the Urban Development Program of the Cancun Population Center of Benito Juárez Municipality for the state.

Eduardo Mariscal de la Selva of the Association of Hotels of Cancun and Puerto Morelos (AHC) says they are preparing the regulations, already working with councilors. Civil Protection and the Municipal Institute of Urban Development of the Municipality of Benito Juárez (Implan) are also participating.

Mariscal de la Selva explained that what they seek is the safety of visitors. It is not for the purpose of more tax collection, but to have a record of who and where the vacation rental sites are located. According to a census of Benito Juárez City Council, there are about 7,000 rooms that are rented to tourists and not regulated.

“It will be a new regulation that we would be making and it is not so much taxing the activity, but just regulating it,” he added.

The properties for tourists needs to be safe so that the tourists have a good image of the destination. Currently this is a risk because we do not know who is renting these spaces and with Cancun being a destination vulnerable to a natural occurrence, it is important to know the names of the guests and know how many there are to transfer them to the shelters.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, in Quintana Roo, hotel occupancy is going down in destinations such as Puerto Morelos and Cancun (1.4 percent), Cozumel (2.6 percent) and Riviera Maya (3.8 percent), compared with February of last year.

However, the Cancun International Airport reports a rise in the arrival of passengers, which for the AHC is due to the demand for vacation rentals.