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Cancun prison search results in drugs, weapons

Cancun, Q.R. — A search of prisoners in the Chetumal and Cancun penitentiaries resulted in the mass collection of drugs, weapons and other illegal prison items.

Upon instruction by the Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Rodolfo del Angel Campos, elements of the State Police carried out a search inside the prison of the Social Readaptation Center (CERESO) of Chetumal and Cancun to find prohibited items.

In Cereso de Chetumal State Police were on hand along with agents of the Procedural Police, the Mexican Army, the Secretariat of the Navy, the Attorney General’s Office and municipal police. Personnel from the Fire Department and members of the Emergency Medical Response Unit (UREM were also on hand.

An extensive search of both prisons resulted in the finding of a large assortment of makeshift drugs and weapons along with other off-limit prison items including screwdrivers, scissors, syringes, pipes and rods.

The state carried out the search in an attempt to strengthen security for inmates and those who visit them after incidences inside the prisons have resulted in riots and even deaths.