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Cancun police raid house after report of vote buying

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun were successful in breaking up a vote buying scheme that was reported in the early morning hours of Sunday.

The coalition, Together We Will Tell History, reported the buying of votes to the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes. According to the information, there were several areas in Cancun where voters were being paid in exchange for their ballots.

Police found one house in Region 239 in Cancun where there were numerous people who had been given 500 peso in exchange for their ballots. Police also found another area in the parking lot of El Parador Hotel in Cancun where votes were being bought.

The scheme was reported by the Juntos Haremos Historia coalition, who said that votes were being purchased to support candidates of the alliance that made up the PRI and the Green Party.

After the complaint was filed, elements of the Federal Police went to the addresses where they found people purchasing votes, however, as soon as they saw police, those involved fled the scene.