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Cancun police begin bank security operation against gang theft

Cancun, Q.R. — State police have began a new security operation in troubled areas of central Cancun. The new operation is the result of four gangs that they say have become notorious for robbing people around banking institutions in the center of the city.

State Police say they have already received six requests from Cancun banks to monitor the financial institutions, ensuring the banks are not robbed and their clients do not become victims of theft.

The program began this week at banking institutions located on the avenues of Kabah with Yaxchilán and Tulum. According to information from police corporations, they are aware of the four gangs in Cancun who dedicated themselves to the theft of businesses, banks and their clients.

The most recent case occurred last week when a Colombian man was arrested outside a bank in central Cancun after attempting to steal the handbag of a woman who had just left her bank.

The new security program includes police monitoring banks, where they are physically onsite. They have direct contact with bank managers as well as an exchange of phone numbers in the event of an emergency.

Police say over the next few days, the expect more financial institutions in the city will be added to the new security operation.