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Cancun police arrest man for drunk driving tractor on beach

Cancun, Q.R. — Armed with an official company t-shirt and a set of keys, a man who claimed to be a city worker was reported for reckless driving of a tractor on a public Cancun beach.

A man identified only as B.G.G. was arrested by Gendarmerie police on a 4×4 after a public complaint was made of a man driving a tractor erratically on the beach. The operator of the tractor was reported by beachgoers as driving irresponsibly and at full speed near sunbathers on Playa Deflines in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Police say when they arrived, they asked the man to step down from the machine, “when he got off he did it very aggressively, insulting and shocking people in the beach area.” The man then identified himself as personnel of the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment (Sema), even wearing an official t-shirt.

However officials from Sema clarified that the operator of that tractor does not belong to its staff, but was hired by a private company that provides a service to Sema.

“He and the vehicle were out of hours, so what happened is the responsibility of the company. Be certain that we will proceed according to law against whoever is responsible. Those types of actions will not be allowed,” Sema said in a public statement.

The man was arrested by police after he attempted to make a second pass at full speed past the busy beach area. Federal police say that the man was arrested for an administrative fault, however, once at the Cancun Hotel Zone tourist police facilities, a doctor confirmed his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit.