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Cancun officials fight back, spreading positive news to counter negative

Cancun, Q.R. — Officials from the Visitors and Conventions Office in Cancun are fighting back by spreading positive news from visitor testimonials and reviews to counter negative posts and articles that have been circulating about the region.

Officials say they are sharing positive information through testimonials of those who have enjoyed their stay in Cancun and Riviera Maya in an attempt to counteract the negative news. The announcement comes after weeks of negative and often false and inflated news about the region progressed through news and social media outlets.

Lizzie Cole, director of the Cancun Visitor and Convention Center, remarked that the positive information is to counteract the negative effects caused by the recent travel alerts.

“On the issue of alerts, this has always had an impact especially because the media in the United States, and at the national level, take this news and replicates it many times. There are definitely people who are concerned and people who could make the decision to not travel in the immediate future.”

She acknowledges that once the news passes, the importance tends to decrease. In reality, the Visitors and Convention Center does not foresee great affectations since it only has an impact in the United States. Tourism figures from other parts of the world such as Europe and South America remain consistent.

The visit of renowned artists, Hollywood influencers or even athletes such as the Green Bay Packers that recently arrived at Cozumel, is a non-direct response to alerts, which helps to improve the opinion and show that the region is safe to visit.

The reality, she added, is that the impact is difficult to define because tourism services also vary according to the markets, and as the time progresses, the negative impact decreases.

“Above all that the government continues to implement more security. In the meantime, we are sharing testimonials and maintaining the presence of the brand in the most important sites.”

The US Embassy has lifted its employee travel alert they had issued for the Playa del Carmen region, noting there in no travel alert or warning for this part of Mexico.