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Cancun offers a different version of the ‘American Dream’

Cancun, Q.R. – More and more nationals are arriving to Cancun in search of the American dream, Mexico style.

While Cancun is a global tourist destination, it is also seen by some as an alternative way to have the American dream. Migrating to Cancun from another part of Mexico is an attainable option for those who want a better life without having to migrate to another country such as the United States.

The city itself attracts people from around Mexico who arrive to work in the tourist industry or local labor market. For Mexicans to live in a place where they can earn dollars is highly attractive, which is the case for many workers in the tourism sector.

At a recent congress meeting at the Cancun Convention Center, Alex Salazar Munguia, a research professor at the Autonomous University and congress meeting speaker, explained that if Cancun is considered an option for work and opportunities for nationals, government institutions and agencies should work together to make the conditions ideal. He says they should ensure that workers are able to be adequate in terms of wages, benefits, decent housing, social health and all those aspects that really effect the welfare population.

He also stressed that being in a country where 50 million Mexicans are living in poverty, and more than half of those live in extreme poverty, the solution to prevent migration is to improve or work on the internal and external communication channels.

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