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Cancun narcotics dog sniffs out package destined for private home in Playa del Carmen

Cancún, Q.R. — Two FedEx parcels bound for a private home in Playa del Carmen were sniffed out by onsite K-9 narcotic dogs at the Cancun International Airport Thursday.

Arriving from Zapopan, Jalisco with a destination address for Playa del Carmen, the two large packages were picked out by the trained dogs. When inspected by federal police, approximately 5.5 kilos of marijuana were found in the FedEx packages.

According to information released by police, members of the federal police force assigned to the Cancun International Airport were at the Fedex courier company to perform inspection, security and surveillance tasks.

During the review of several packages, the narcotics dog made a positive sign to two packages from Jalisco that were destined for a private home in Playa del Carmen.

The two packages produced just over 5.5 kilos of marijuana, which were handed over to the Federal Public Ministry.