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Cancun mayor says bridge will come sooner or later

Cancun, Q.R. — The mayor of Cancun says that sooner or later, the Bojórquez Bridge will be built.

Benito Juárez mayor, Remberto Estrada Barba, said that sooner or later the Bojórquez Bridge will be built in Cancun since it is a necessity. Given the population growth and number of tourists the city receives each year, the daily flow of traffic along Kukulcan Boulevard continues to suffer major congestion.

The worst part, he notes, is the area at kilometer 9.5 known as the Party Center where traffic bottlenecks have cause massive delays for both locals and visitors.

Estrada Barba says that they have held talks with government officials to ensure a budget for the bridge project is included in the Budget of Expenditures of the Federation (PEF) 2018.

“The Bojórquez Bridge is undoubtedly a fundamental issue that has to be done sooner or later for Cancun due to the amount we are growing and the number of tourists that are arriving. And of course we are working with the federal government to see if in the next year, they will include it in the Budget of Expenditures of the Federation,” he said.

At a recent meeting, the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT) Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said that the Puente Bojórquez project was very expensive and that is a reason why meetings are being held with the private initiative, to agree on the amounts of investment.

He also said that an immediate solution from the government of the republic for the hotel zone would be pedestrian bridges.

“We talked about the subject of the bridge. It is a costly work and it is a work that I know is being analyzed. I have also commented that something faster is to have pedestrian bridges which could help immediately,” he added.