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Cancun mayor satisfied security measures proving effective with travel alert warning removal from US, UK

Cancun, Q.R. — The combined work of society, private initiatives and the three orders of government are recognized by the world, said the Municipal President Remberto Estrada Barba, when he learned that the government of Great Britain excluded travel alerts to Cancun and other tourist destinations in Quintana Roo.

Estrada Barb said that with this decision, the British government joins the one adopted by its American counterpart, who in recent days, was the first to recognize that Cancun does not represent a risk to visitors.

“Once again, a country with great tourist potential and the third in the number of visitors to Mexico, recognizes that we are doing things well by uniting in defense of our home, of our industry,” he said.

He was also satisfied because the comprehensive security strategy is paying off, and that the road to recover peace and tranquility for the people of Cancun and for the millions of visitors who come to Cancun is underway.

“It is possible to overcome insecurity and restore peace,” he said, “and neighbors and tourists can feel safe everywhere.”

He insisted that when working with the same objective, all goals can be achieved, and his administration is ready to continue coordination with the federal and state governments.

“We are going to strengthen our strategy. These achievements motivate us to continue striving more. It is time to redouble the joint work since we are seeing that the results give us purpose,” he said.