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Cancun mayor-elect meets with US consular, agreeing to work hand-in-hand

Cancun, Q.R. — Mara Lezama Espinosa, the mayor-elected of Benito Juarez, met with the new US Consul General Courtney Baele, to strengthen tourism ties between the two countries.

During their first meeting, both officials agreed that working hand-in-hand with student exchange programs, economic, social and cultural development, as well as public security for both sides of the border will prove beneficial to the millions of tourists who come from the US to Cancun.

Lezama Espinosa stressed that these type of meetings will provide continuity to exchanges and visits between both governments, private companies and cultural organizations, which have been carried out with other administrations.

“We have strengthened an excellent relationship, and I reiterate that we will work hand-in-hand in a coordinated manner and in collaboration with the United States and the three government orders in matters of security,” she said.

At the meeting, Lezama Espinosa said that there was a lot of feedback on working together to strengthen American tourism in the southeast of the country, adding that they hope to create the Municipal Tourism Secretariat, which will work in coordination with the Secretariat of Tourism of the next federal administration, which is scheduled to be relocated to Chetumal.

The US Consul General Courtney Baele thanked the mayor-elect for her hospitality and interest in following up the inter-institutional relationship with the United States, but above all, for wanting to work hand-in-hand on topics of great interest for the US government such as public safety, tourism, economic development and cultural matters.