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Cancun man killed while trying to cut CFE cable

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who was found dead on a sidewalk was said attempting to steal CFE electric cable when he was thrown from a pole. The incident occurred in SM 309 of Cancun after the alleged thief received a shock while attempting to cut the line.

The man was found laying on a sidewalk of Colosio Boulevard around 1:45 a.m. by passersby who called authorities.

Preliminary reports say the now deceased tried to cut electric cables of a public light pole and consequently received a strong electric shock that caused his death. Medical personnel were called to the scene who verified the death and pronounced the man.

He is the third in the past few weeks to steal electric cable in an attempt to sell the copper. Last month, nearly 11,000 people in Playa del Carmen were left in the dark after thieves made off with CFE cable from a substation.

Last week in Cancun, a man was caught by neighbors and held for police after he was found attempting to cut a set of CFE wires from poles in a residential neighborhood.

In that incident, the man also received an electric shock that resulted in a hospital transfer with a head injury.