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Cancun man attempts to run over officer to avoid inspection

Cancún, Q.R. — A Cancun man has been arrested after he attempted to run over a police officer with his jeep to avoid a traffic inspection.

The police officer was on his motorcycle when he noticed the jeep, with the driver inside, parked in a bank parking lot for an unusually long period of time. When he approached the jeep, the driver attempted to run over the officer.

In a statement made by the Municipal Secretariat of Public Safety and Traffic, the agent requested reinforcement and activated Code Red. Police perused the vehicle along Bonampak Avenue, where the driver of the jeep entered a house.

Inside were two women who refused to allow the police entry to arrest the man. The two women were arrested for obstruction of justice, while the man was also arrested and taken into police custody.

Police said that nearby residents reported the man as being known in the area for committing abuses without respect for the law.

All three were transferred for corresponding procedures.