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Cancun hit hardest by arrival of cold front 41

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun was one of the most hardest hit areas with the harsh arrival of Cold Front No. 41 Wednesday evening. The weather system began making its presence known around 7:00 p.m. when it entered the region with strong winds and pounding rain.

Many Cancun city streets were quickly overwhelmed by the downpour, sending emergency personnel out to help the stranded after absorption wells were outmatched by the weather system. Numerous avenues were flooded as drains became clogged with street debris.

The city centre suffered the most with nearly a dozen main roadways reporting some degree of flooding. Most vehicles were still able to make their way through the waterlogged streets though, while municipal services, along with members of the Cancun Fire Department, were out clearing plugged drainage wells.

The Comisión Nacional del Agua (Conagua) says the cold front, which has blanketed the entire Gulf of Mexico, will stick around for a few days, decreasing daytime temperatures with its polar air mass. The system is expected to move off sometime Saturday.