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Cancun has largest concentration of irregular colonies in state

Cancun, Q.R. — Due to poverty, Cancun has the highest figure of irregular colonies in the state of Quintana Roo says the National Chamber.

The president of the National Chamber of the Development and Housing Promotion Industry in Quintana Roo, Roger Rodríguez Acevedo, warned that more than 395,000 people live in irregular areas in the state, which represents a devastation and ecocide greater than that of Tajamar.

He said that Quintana Roo is the state with the largest number of irregular settlements, “which makes Tajamar just a frijolito in the face of the devastation and ecocide that is committed in those places by people who come to live and build without having permits.”

He explained that in the state there is around 13,832 hectares of illegally cleared land that is used for these irregular communities adding that of those cleared hectares, 12,319 correspond to Cancun. Playa del Carmen has 741 of cleared land, while other places such as Chetumal have 511 and Cozumel has 261 hectares.

Claudia Cardín Ruiz, the previous head of Community Development and Social Participation for the state, said that at least 27 percent of the population of Cancun is living in either poverty or extreme poverty in the urban areas of the city.

In Playa del Carmen, one of the largest irregular settlements is In House in the city’s west. A confrontation in May between police and residents left one dead and two injured.